Feather and Key

I’ve been on a design kick of sorts lately, sewing like mad and painting anything that will stand still. I’ve been hanging posters, buying plants, and haunting the local thrift store for furniture (I refuse to buy anything new. To me that just means overpriced and boring). Yesterday I bought a vintage nightstand/phone table at St. Vincent’s and painted it a really pretty gray-blue. My intention was to resell it but then I sat my sewing machine on it, and, well… It’s not going anywhere.

Last week I made a duvet cover for my bed, after about 5 years of talking about how sick I was of my blue down comforter. Better late than never, right? It’s turquoise cotton on the back and a lovely black and white linen print on the front. I also re-painted a cute little round table I bought at the Asheville Goodwill years ago; it found new life with a fresh coat of Fuschia. I like this table so much that I took it apart and carried it back in my suitcase from Nashville. Getting my $7 worth!

Last week Rachel spotted a vintage Seven UP wooden delivery crate at a junk shop for $5. They were $20+ at the last flea market! Not sure what I’ll do with it yet; perhaps hang it on the wall as a shelf. I’m looking for some crates to hold all my records, but this one isn’t quite big enough, plus it still has the wooden dividers in it. I feel like I should keep them.

Last but not least, I painted the bathroom. It was a particularly jarring shade of electric blue; now it’s a relaxing pale, pale blue.

Next up: pillowcases from the super adorable owl print fabric I got in the fashion district last week when I was buying my duvet fabric. Hopefully some of these creations will find their way onto Etsy soon; just have to talk myself into parting with them.


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